Application Application for allotment on enclosed APPLICATION FORM along with Earnest Money (EM) of Tk. 3.00 (Three) lac and 1st Installment as token of acceptance, an allotment letter will follow.  


Balance shall be payable in monthly/ quarterly equal installments by post dated A/C Payee cheques in favour of Neer Ltd. on accepting the application with earnest money. Bangladeshis residing abroad may make all the payments in foreign exchange as per exchange rate issued by the Bangladesh Bank as on the date of payment received.
  Delay in Payments Allottee will be liable to pay delinquent charge of 0.06% (point zero six percent) per day on the amount due  
  Cancellation of Allotment
If any cheque is dishonoured twice by the Bank and any payment is delayed by more than 90 (ninety) days, NEER LTD. shall have the right to cancel the allotment without any notice and the amount paid by the Allottee will be returned except Earnest Money (EM). Before Registration and handing over of the apartment to the Allotee, the apartment can not be transferred to any other person/s by the Allottee.
  Deed of Agreement After adjustment of 75% of total price, NEER LTD. & the Allottee shall execute a Deed of Agreement.  


  Possession & Land Transfer
Possession and title of the apartment shall rest with NEER LTD. until full adjustment of the installments and all other charges/dues including extra charges for delayed payment are made. Allottee will own a proportionate share of the land on which the building is situated.
  Documentation Cost
The Allottee shall bear all costs related with stamp duties, registration fees and related all other taxes etc. including legal and miscellaneous expenses likely to be incurred in connection with land & apartment transfer.
  Service Facilities Cost
All cost of equipment and connection Fees/charges, security deposits and other incidental expenses relating to Gas, Power, Sewerage, Water connection etc. will be on the Allottee's account. Allottee will be charged proportionately.
Minor changes may be incorporated by NEER LTD. in design and specification, should these become necessary. Minor internal changes also may be done by the Allottee but it must be within the possibilities and limitations of the total building system and must be executed through NEER LTD. (Timeframe) Allottee will not be permitted to execute any internal decoration and/or woodwork before taking over of apartment from the Developer.
  Completion Time
Construction will be completed as per Schedule of each project. The time schedule may be extended by a reasonable time limit due to non availability of quality material/s and unforeseen circumstances which are beyond the control of NEER LTD.
  Abandon of Project
If the project is abandoned for any reason beyond the control of NEER LTD. such as acts of God, economic depression, policy of the Govt. NEER LTD. will refund the entire money deposited by the Allottee within 180 days from the announcement made to this effect. Allottee will not be entitled to any other claim whatsoever.
  Flat Owners' Association In the interest of all the occupants of the complex a “Flat Owners' Welfare Association” will be formed and each Allottee, after payment of all installments and charges will be a member of the society. Each Allottee must deposit an amount already mentioned in project brief for each apartment towards the Reserved Fund before final documentation and taking the possession of the apartment.  
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